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Los Angeles Convention Centre, 4000 Attendees, a lot of innovation. Seeing the blockchain community in action here in LA has been an absolute pleasure. From rooftop drinks on the roof of the Grammy Museum, to the beautiful exhibition halls of the LA convention centre, this event has been a pleasant surprise. The queues circling the block for the Crypto Invest Summit meet and greet were a true display of the explosive popularity that blockchain has experienced in many US cities, and indeed around the world. Sipping a free peroni and learning about upcoming projects and ICOs with a view over downtown is truly special. Needless to say, it was a perfect warm up for the summit.


The strength of the blockchain community on the west coast has been phenomenal. Having looked around the convention floor, meeting the exhibitors, I was reminded of how blockchain technology has the potential to reshape so many different industries. Whether it’s the startup looking to use blockchain to cut out the middleman between farmers and consumers, or Spanish company looking to make ICO investments more secure, it seems there is a need for a blockchain product in every industry.

Telling people about how our product works, and how we will use blockchain to improve it, I was delighted to hear so much positive feedback. It is the perfect compliment to the hard work of our founder, and our team, who have spent the past three years perfecting the concept and the user experience. Almost everyone I spoke to transferred money overseas on a regular basis; being able to tell them how we can save them time and money is a privilege. It’s the reason we’ve worked so hard.


With only one day left exhibiting at the Crypto Invest Summit, I look forward to meeting more people and handing out more free token. However, it’s bitter sweet as it will soon be over and we’ll be on the runway heading back to the UK. Although that will only be for 3 hours before we jet off to Dubai for the Global Blockchain Conference. To keep up with our adventure, be sure to follow our social media channels; especially YouTube, where we will be posting a load of exciting content for you all: https://goo.gl/FmFcSi


Sam Allen

Sam Allen

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