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Deserts & Dehydration

After a successful couple of days at the Global Blockchain Conference, we were ready to explore Dubai. While I thought our exploration would prioritise enclosed, air-conditioned areas, the boss had been given other ideas from the community. Given that attending events was only half of our objective while travelling, with the other half being creating exciting content for our community, it was decided that we should venture into the desert instead. When I was told about the plan that morning, I did think it was a joke. An hour later we were in the rental looking to get lost in the never-ending dunes.

Being half English and half Danish (pale basically) I was out of my element. We pulled over on the side of an abandoned road and began making our way to nowhere in particular. On the plus side, there were no police there telling us we needed a permit to film. The idea was that Ricky and I would wander through the desert answering as many questions as possible from the community before I became unconscious. Given that is had been 45 degrees Celsius, this took about 20 minutes; so I hope you head over to YouTube and check out our footage.


With one evening left and terrible sunburn, we decided to take it easy and head over to the Burj Al Arab for some footage. From the desert, we jumped back in the car, which at this point was an oven on wheels, and drove an hour from the middle of nowhere to the popular waterfront. 10 minutes after parking we were at a beautiful viewpoint getting stunning shot of the worlds first (self-proclaimed) 7-star hotel. If you read my last blog, you’ll know that filming with anything more advanced than a mobile phone in Dubai requires a permit. Unsurprisingly, 10 minutes into our filming we had a security guard demand we not only stop filming but leave the premises immediately. Once again we were asked for our name and phone number. For a second time on this trip, my name was John Stevens.


So, with our flight to New Delhi early tomorrow morning, I’m just hoping my sunburn heals and we don’t get stopped at passport control and asked why my name isn’t John Stevens. To keep up with us on our journey so far, as the blogs don’t do it justice, head over to our YouTube channel: https://goo.gl/FmFcSi

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