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How can you use Find.Exchange to Help You?

If you've ever had to spend money abroad, exchange currency or transfer money overseas, Find.Exchange can save you time and money.

If You're Travelling Overseas

Currency Exchange
If you've been on holiday abroad, chances are you've exchanged currency.
Next time, use Find.Exchange to:

  • Use our Map to Find the Nearest Currency Exchange Bureau
  • Find out which Currency Exchange Bureaus are Open
  • Find the Currency Exchange Bureau with the Best Rate
  • Compare Customer Reviews of Currency Exchange Bureaus
  • Set an Alert to Notify you when the Exchange Rate is Preferable
  • See what Services the Exchange Bureaus Offer

Prepaid Currency Cards
Prepaid currency cards can be a hugely practical way to manage your spending abroad. We can help you to:

  • See which Prepaid Cards have the Lowest Fees
  • Find out what Perks and Benefits each Card Provides
  • See what offers are available for each Card Provider

If You're Sending Money Overseas

Money Transfer Companies
Sending money overseas is always a hassle. From hunting for the best rate, to sending off endless forms. To make things simpler, we can:

  • Compare Transfer Provider Rates and Fees
  • Compare Transfer Providers Estimates Transfer Times
  • Compare Customer Reviews
  • See what Services the Transfer Provider Offers

How Will Find.Exchange Help Me in the Future?

We have big ambitions. We're looking to revolutionise the way you see money transfer. While we already save you money through our comparison aggregator, we will soon be able to save you a great deal of time (on top of the time saved comparing).

Problems in the Money Transfer Market

  • Lengthy 'Know Your Customer' (KYC) compliance. Requiring forms to be filled out every time you use a new Transfer Company.
  • 'Anti-Money Laundering' (AML) checks required for each Transfer Company.
  • Multiple parties have to be involved. Each charging a fee.
  • Complex user experiences on Transfer Company websites.
  • Poor Customer Service.

The Find.Exchange solution

  • One Time Only KYC and AML checks through Find.Exchange. Allowing you to use any provider, at any time.
  • Our FEX token will mean fewer parties involved in your transfer. Meaning less fees for you.
  • Receive rewards when you transfer with FEX tokens.
  • Profit from the increase in value of the FEX token.
Sam Allen

Sam Allen

We find and compare the best exchange rates between banks, FX bureaus, post office, supermarkets and online money providers. But we're working on something even better...

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