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Leaving LA

They say time travels when you’re having fun. They’re not wrong. Having spent over a week in Los Angeles, I feel it could have just as easily been just a couple of days. Having come from a long British winter, the combination of sea, sun and sand was a welcome one. Despite the inevitable sunburn, I felt very luckily to have the opportunity to travel with Find.Exchange; especially after having only been with the company for a couple of months.

Having never been to Los Angeles, I was eager to explore Venice Beach, Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Downtown LA. I was not disappointed. Each area was so different, but so pleasant in their own right. Venice Beach is perhaps the most relaxed place I have been. The locals are so friendly and laidback; happily willing to engage in conversation with a stranger, as I discovered multiple times. It was a thrill to see that the seaside community were both interested and actively involved in cryptocurrency. Being asked about my personal portfolio and the Find.Exchange project was a pleasant surprise. When asked, ‘Have you bought any cryptocurrencies?’ It’s always fun being able to reply, ‘Yes. We’re also creating one at the end of June.’ What’s even more satisfying is being able to tell a crypto fanatic, who transfers money regularly, how we’ll be using blockchain to make their transfers cheaper, faster and more secure. While this happened a number of times at Venice Beach, it was a strong, recurring theme during the two days spent at the Crypto Invest Summit.

Being able to work on a project which helps so many people around the world has been an honour. Being able to explain the benefits of our product in a way which provides relevant value to the person listening to me drone on is truly special. With 6 destinations left on the Blockchain World Tour I am most excited to meet the communities in locations I have never visited; learning about how our product can help them save money, and learning about how the Find.Exchange solution helps them to save time and money. To join us on our tour, head over to our YouTube channel: https://goo.gl/FmFcSi

Next stop, Dubai!


Sam Allen

Sam Allen

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