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Sandstorms & Concussions

Dubai was truly special. Exceeding my expectations as a city of the future. However, after nearly dying in a desert and multiple encounters with the police, it was about time for the next stop on the Blockchain World Tour, India. While Los Angeles and Dubai had both been firsts for me, New Delhi was a first for three out of the four of us. With no idea what to expect, and our blockchain event having unfortunately been cancelled, we have had plenty of time to explore. In a country which has so much to offer, from the world-famous cuisine to the ancient structures, we weren’t sure where to start.

Gate of India quickly became the logical first stop on our tourism checklist. When we arrived it was 35 degrees Celsius and too sunny given that I was still recovering from our desert ‘exploration’. Luckily, this was all about to change, quickly. Unluckily, this was in the form of strong winds, sandstorms, thunder and heavy rain. It did make for some good footage though; a unique view on the famous India Gate. What was really surprising was the reaction from the locals, which suggested this did not happen often. So, a good start to the tourism checklist.


Of course, you cannot visit India without visiting the Taj Mahal. We decided the best way to witness it would be at the crack of dawn. This meant waking up at 1:30 am, jumping in the taxi and driving for 4 hours. We missed the sunrise; not that the visibility would have allowed for much of one anyway. Nonetheless, we were excited to be there. This excitement didn’t last long for me as I was chased by monkeys in the queue; I am not using the term ‘chased’ liberally. Thankfully, this near-death experience was quickly forgotten when the Taj Mahal came into view. It’s incredible to think that 390 years ago, such a structure was possible.


So all was going well, a perfect day despite waking up at 2 am for no reason and being attacked by monkeys. Not quite, our boss Ricky thought he’d try driving a tuk-tuk. To find out how this led to me receiving neck injuries, you’ll have to head over to our YouTube channel: https://goo.gl/FmFcSi

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