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Sun, Sea & Crypto Fanatics


The Find.Exchange world tour has begun! Over the next few weeks we’ll be travelling the globe to let the people know how we can save you time and money with the Find.Exchange product, and how we will use blockchain technology to take that one step further.

The first stop on our tour is Los Angeles, for the 'Crypto Invest Summit 2018' event. From palm trees to never-ending beaches, LA has something for everyone. In an area so beautiful, it makes sense that the residents are among the friendliest and most laid back we’ve met. There is an overpowering sense of community and an incredibly welcoming atmosphere, which gets stronger as you near the golden beaches.


Having been in LA for 3 days, I’ve had more conversations with strangers here than anywhere else. While eye contact on the London Underground, as you Londoners will know, is to be avoided at all costs; in Santa Monica it’s an invite to learn about a stranger. From these conversations, one repeating theme which surprised me was cryptocurrency. It’s no secret that cryptocurrencies have been a hot topic in the past couple of years, but the number of conversations I had about cryptocurrencies in one day on Venice boardwalk was surprising to say the least.

While I wouldn't typically discuss Find.Exchange with the friendly LA locals, it’s impossible not to reply to ‘Have you invested in any cryptocurrencies?’ without saying ‘Yes. We’re also making one!’ Hearing the excitement people had for a product which is designed to make their life simpler and save them money is hugely rewarding; the perfect compliment to the hard work the Find.Exchange team has done to get the product this far.


With three days left until we leave LA, I’m already starting to miss it. However, the world tour is far from over. With many more destinations to explore, we’re excited to meet the people, see the sights, and attend the fantastic upcoming blockchain events.

For all the latest footage (and some behind the scenes fun) be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel (Find.Exchange). For more info on our upcomg ICO, be sure to follow us on Telegram.


Sam Allen

Sam Allen

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