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Travelling out of Term-Time is Overpriced

Due to the basic laws of supply and demand, taking your family on holiday outside of term-time will mean paying prices which can be twice as much as what you'd get during term-time. For parents, this is hugely frustrating. You may have seen a news headline in 2015 about a father who chose to take his daughter out of school during term-time for a 7 day holiday. While this saved him a great deal of money on travel costs, he was ordered to attend court and pay a fine. Failure to pay the fine can even result in jail time. In 2013 strict laws were imposed to prevent absence during term-time. Good news for travel companies, bad news for parents.

So, what can you do to save money on your travels when dealing with premium prices? Firstly, you'll want to book your holidays as early as possible. Booking flights and hotels early is a great way to make sure you get the best value. Secondly, you might want to consider getting a card which rewards you when you spend on food, travel and much more. Reward and cashback cards are a great way to save up that extra money needed to take the sting out of the high costs.

Another area you can save money is using comparison services such as Skyscanner or Bookings.com. These services will help you to get the best prices on flights, hotels, car rental, and so much more. Exchanging currency is something you will almost certainly have to do on your holiday. Using Find.Exchange you can find the closest exchange bureaus, with the best rates. At the airport, for example, you will always find an exchange bureau, but it will also be one which charges high rates. Using Find.Exchange you'll be able to check to see where there are exchange bureaus near your hotel, as these will always be cheaper.

A great way to save time and money when booking your holidays is to look at package deals and all-inclusive holidays. These can also make budgeting much easier as you'll know exactly what the major costs will be before you set off. Package holidays are well structured, providing a number of activities for both parents and kids. However, should you be the kind of traveller who likes a more spontaneous, unplanned holiday, a package holiday will likely be a little too predictable for you.

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